10 Signs That Your Internet Strategy Isn’t Working

Investing in internet marketing for lawyers is a good move if you want to gain traction in the industry. A well-planned strategy can help you gain visibility, leads, and boost your revenue. However, not all strategies are made equal and sometimes firms end up wasting money on campaigns that don’t work. Here’s a look at some of the most common signs you need to look out for:

You Aren’t Generating Enough Leads

Leads are people who click on your website and interact with your firm in some capacity. They have the potential to turn into real prospects or clients and are in research mode. Leads are fairly high in the sales funnel so you need to sell your services to them for conversion. However, if your internet marketing for lawyersdoesn’t generate enough leads, there will be no conversion.

 Landing Pages Have High Bounce Rates

Landing pages are destinations for ads. When people click on PPC ads, they arrive on these pages and take further action there. If your landing pages aren’t optimized, informative, or visually appealing, the leads will click away immediately. The entire PPC campaign will be a wasted effort, which is why landing page optimization is considered the most important aspect ofinternet marketing for lawyers.

Click-Through Rates On Your Ads Is Poor

People can only reach your landing pages if they click on your ads. If the PPC ad copies aren’t appealing or targeting the right audience, you won’t have enough click-through rates for a healthy conversion rate. An expert at internet marketing for lawyers will make sure your ad copies are optimized to deliver better results. They will carry out A/B or multivariate tests to compare different copies before choosing the right one.

Website Traffic is Poor

A well-designed and search engine-friendly website will attract steady traffic. However, does it attract the right kind of traffic? If your marketer chooses the wrong keywords, the site will draw research or casual leads instead of converting leads. For example, it makes no sense for a law firm website based in Mumbai to attract regular traffic from audiences residing in Moscow. Targeting the right audience is an important part of internet marketing for lawyers.

Leads Quality is Poor

Are your leads turning into prospects and clients? Or do they linger on your website, look at different pages, and just turn away? Your paid campaigns should in converting traffic instead of research traffic. The later is usually generated by organic campaigns like content marketing. If you aren’t getting converting traffic, the lead generation strategy is poor and needs a more refined targeting strategy.

You Aren’t Visible Online

An expert in internet marketing for lawyerswill conduct comprehensive keyword research and pick a combination of low competition and high competition keywords to target. This ensures your law firm is visible online. If the marketer isn’t using the right strategy, you won’t show up on the first page of search engine results forany keyword.

Your CPA is High

CPA stands for cost per acquisition. The less money you spend on acquiring a lead the better. If your CPA is unreasonably high and you are still getting low returns, it is time to take another look at the marketing campaign. An experienced professional will look for ways to cut down the CPA of your internet marketing for lawyers.

Traffic is High and Conversion Rate is Low

If your traffic rate is high but conversion is low, the website content needs an overhaul. It isn’t convincing enough to turn a lead into a prospect or customer. Website copies should always be informative, reliable, and current. Check your content periodically to ensure it has a good impact on your target audience.

PPC Ads Aren’t Giving Enough ROI

PPC ads spend can easily get out of hand but they can also deliver good results. The campaign needs some optimization if your cost per click is high but returns on investment are shabby. An experienced marketer will examine active campaigns to understand why they are performing poorly before taking action.

You’re Spending a Lot of Money

Law firms need to strike a good balance between marketing expense and return. Low ROI and high expense is a sign of poorly planned strategies. An expert in internet marketing for lawyers will create streamlined campaigns that require low investment but deliver good results.

If you see these signs, switch your marketer and overhaul the campaigns. Hire someone who specializes in internet marketing for lawyersto handle your campaign. They will provide tailored solutions that bring in much better results. An expert will conduct a thorough audit of your campaign to understand its strengths and weaknesses before recommending options to correct flaws and get better results.

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