13 Tips For The First Date

You have met a great woman and now the first date is with her. You wonder how your first date will be perfect and what you need to keep in mind. This article will give you 14 valuable tips to help you prepare for your first date with her. In addition, you will join free chat room for first data preparation.

1. The preparation

Tips for the first date preparation
Before you make your way to the first date, you should prepare a lot. It goes without saying that hygiene comes first. Take a shower, dress well and do not put on too much perfume. Your fingernails should look neat and not nibbled look and if your eyebrow have grown together, then dab in the middle of the hair with tweezers away. Women take such a spruce up instantly and appreciate it very much. It subtly reveals a lot about your own character. If you should take the woman home for your first date, clean up your place.
Make sure you have enough drinks (wine, Hugo, etc.) in the fridge and stow condoms near the bed so you can be armed. Some tea lights for a great ambience are also beneficial.

2. The location

Tips for Getting Date Location
The location where you meet on the first date is completely insignificant. You just have to convince and free chat one another with your character and not with where you go. Nevertheless, there are some places that are completely unsuitable for the first date. Spending the first date in the cinema is totally counterproductive. In the cinema you just sit quietly next to each other and watch a movie. Many men think that they could then touch them by hand. Women find such behavior more than scary. You hardly know each other after all.
Spending the first date at the restaurant is also not a good idea. Here you sit opposite and can exchange many words. However, it is impossible to get closer to her physically. For the first date, a café or a bar is much better suited. There is a relaxed atmosphere and you can sit side by side and have a drink. So research in advance, where there are cafes or bars with benches, where it seems more natural, if you sit next to each other on the first date.

3. The greeting

Tips for the first date hug
If you want to greet her, do not just give her your hand like a job interview. At least one hug should already be in there. You want to get closer to her physically. A kiss on the cheek on the left and right would be an increase in contrast to the hug. Whether the woman can handle it, she will show you at the moment. In the rarest cases, however, she will refuse a short hug to greet you.

4. Bring gifts?

Tips for first date gift
Hollywood has taught you to bring a bouquet of flowers for your first date on your first date. In reality, however, this shot goes backwards. You do not know each other yet and she has not earned any presents. Most men bring a gift on their first date, only to be able to gain plus points and jump into bed with them faster.

5. No-Go’s on the first date

Tips for the first date bored
Never talk about boring topics like politics, technology, religion, tax returns or your personal problems on the first date. You should also avoid talking about your ex-girlfriend. She’ll think you’re still hanging on to your ex-girlfriend, and in case you should break up, that you’ll also talk bad about her.

6. Discussion topics on the first date

Conversation topics
With the first data you can talk to strangers about many exciting topics such as travel, hobbies, sports or your goals in life. If you yourself start many topics, then the woman will tell a lot by herself at some point. So listen carefully and you’ll find new exciting topics that you can talk about. The important thing is that the whole thing does not sound like an interview and that it does not just answer with a “yes” or “no”. If you are in tune when talking, then time will pass you by without you realizing it. Embarrassing pauses in conversation will not arise in the first place.

7. Pay attention to body language

Tips for the first date body language
Her body language will tell a lot about her. Especially if she is bored with you or really interested in you and wants more. When she crosses her legs and points her feet to you, she dedicates all her attention to you. Or if she’s always playing with her hair, that’s a sign of interest. When she drinks her cocktail and strokes her thumb and forefinger up and down the straw, there is already a sexual tension. She’s probably already imagining how you’re going in bed.

8. Who pays the bill?

Tips for the first date bill
If you went for a drink on your first date, you can playfully say from yourself that you take the bill and that next time you will have the opportunity to retaliate. But never just pay the bill to get it, just because you feel like it.

9. Create sexual tension on the first date

Tips for the first date sexual tension
During the first date you have to make sure that you steadily increase the sexual tension. It is important that you do not go too fast. The woman has to get used to you. As you talk, you can start touching her arm unobtrusively. Based on her reaction, you can see if she responds positively or negatively. As an increase, you can also palm reading. You can easily find out how to do this on the internet. While reading your hands, you have your hand in your hands all the time. This again increases the sexual tension enormously. If you ever leave the bar then you can just grab her hand and start holding her hand. If she does not pull her hand away after several minutes, she feels comfortable.

10. to me or to you?

Tips for the first date apartment
On the first date, it is beneficial that you take her to your house. You know that your apartment is tidy, that enough drinks are cold and you are undisturbed. If you should go to her, it could be that she still lives with her parents or that she has not cleaned up her apartment and that she is uncomfortable. If you want to take her to your house, I say, for example, that you want to show her your last vacation photos or you’re pet. It is important that you tell her that you have only a short time, because you have to get out tomorrow morning and therefore you will throw them out quickly.

11. Sex on the first date?

Tips for the first date sex
If you steadily increase the sexual tension between you during the first date, then you also increase the likelihood that you will even have sex. Of course, that varies from woman to woman. One is open for sex on the first date and the other wants to wait for a few dates so that she does not come across as too easy. At least when you are at home with you and you want to take them off slowly, you will encounter resistance. If she just says playfully that you should stop, then you do not need to be unsettled and really stop immediately. Only when she pulls your hand away and clarifies with clear words that you should not continue. So if she blocks you off playfully, then she’ll most likely test you out how stubborn you really are.

12. No-Go after the first date

After your first date you cannot ask her how she found the first date. She will perceive you as very insecure and inexperienced. If you continue to have contact after your first date and even plan the next date, then you know that the first date could not have been bad.

13. Do not be afraid of the first date

Tips for the first date do not worry
If you are afraid of your first date, then this is completely normal. After all, you want to do everything right and not screw it up. It may be that your heart starts racing when you greet it. You can just ask her at this moment if she is as excited as you are. This is by no means a sign of weakness, but it shows that you are a social person who has no problem talking about his own feelings.

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