Best long range wireless keyboard with touchpad in 2018


Wired keyboards has been replaced by wireless ones. Connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is trending now. A wireless keyboard has many advantages and many useful features are added in it in the recent times and a customer ought to have knowledge about its basic features to make a perfect choice.

Apple KeyBoard Models

Apple wireless keyboards are compact in size with soft buttons and works on AA size batteries and the highlight is that it is well suited for typing at the night time as the backlight is provided thus making it suitable for professionals who work late night. Also, when the keyboard is not used, the light turns off automatically. It is a long range wireless keyboard.

Apple also has a Bluetooth keyboard with slim design and it can reach up to a 30 feet range without any cables or wires and similar to the above model, it also has auto turn off feature.

HP K3500 Wireless KeyBoard

HP K3500 is provided with 5 links and 5 devices can be connected together at a time. Auto turn off feature on AA size batteries saves the power and further extends the battery life which is normally 3 years but the battery set is not included in the package. It works on a broader frequency of 2.4 GHz.

HP K3500 is small in size thus making it a portable one and also, it has a unique design compared to its rival models.

iClever Wireless KeyBoard

iClever keyboard is foldable to almost any size and this feature attracts the students as its compact size shall fit in vehicles and it is well-known for its sensible touchpad. Like HP K3500, iClever can be also make Bluetooth connections but only to 3.

Logitech Keyboards

Logitech Wireless wave has a curved keyboard design following perfect ergonomics and suitable for a comfortable typing. It is a long range wireless keyboard which helps to access from long distance. Logitech K360 keyboard model has its size 20 percent smaller than that of the ordinary keyboard while Logitech K400 is specially meant for controlling desktop or computer enabled TV sets suitable for living room conditions and the batteries built with this model can work for 18 months and after which, an AA battery replacement is needed.

Eagle Tec Combo

Eagle Tec combo provides mouse and keyboards with waterproof and accident free facility. The keyboard has a full size with a numeric pad and it also has twelve hot keys. The design is stylish and unique working on 2.4 GHz frequency range and it can also be connected to desktop through a unified USB cable.

Illumination Multimedia KeyBoard

Ivation Letter Iluminated Large print size Multimedia Computer keyboard is more useful for vision blurred persons and old age people. The keyboard buttons can illuminate itself in different colors and blue LED illumination is eye catching and various colorful combinations can be experienced when a buyer uses it.

Picking up a best wireless keyboard among the several models flooded in the market will be a confusing task for buyers unless they are not familiar with the advancements made in modern keyboard models and this articles would have provided adequate information for selecting the required one with ease.

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