The benefits of a chimney liner

Chimney liner is an integral part of chimney flue, that aids venting of gases and smoke outside your house. At times, the chimney lining might have been deteriorated, especially in older chimneys. Most of the chimneys, built before 1940, didn’t even have the liners. If your chimney falls into one of these categories, hurry up. It’s high time to reach out the services for Chimney lining in London. There are several benefits to have chimney relining.

  • Safety – The chimneys with no or broken liners are prone to leakage of poisonous gases and smoke into the living area and surrounding. They not only cause enormous air pollution, these are injurious to your respiratory system. The flue relining would ensure insulated space that prevent leakage of these products of combustion and vent them out into the atmosphere.

Chimney lining company would not only do the chimney cleaning, it would also provide services like chimney relining if the current lining is damaged.

  • Less Creosote – Creosote is highly flammable substance, deposited on inner walls of chimney. Creosote is formed because of condensation of hot gases on the flue walls. Chimney Liners insulate the flue and prevent premature condensation of hot gases. This is the reason; less creosote is formed and the prominent cause of house fire is avoided well in advance. Non-lined or poorly lined chimney causes more creosote and chances of fire are more with them. Moreover, with proper chimney lining, it is easier to clean the creosote by the chimney sweep.

  • Improves Draft – Draft is the pressure difference between the flue gases and atmospheric gases, which allows easy exit of flue gases to the atmosphere. Chimney lining London provides the flue relining service that improves the draft and restrict the excessive smoke in your house. It all depends upon size of lining as more space would take a lot of time for flue gases to vent out. The technical knowhow and selection of proper lining would be handled by the Chimney Lining Service Provides. As the gases are easy to be drafted with correct chimney liners, you don’t need to burn extra fuel for it. This way, your chimney would be more energy and cost efficient.

Mainly there are three types of liners namely Clay Tile Liner, Metal Flue Liner and Cast-in-Place Liner. Clay Liners are built at the time of constructing the chimney. Clay tiles can withstand significantly high temperatures without damaging or halting the performance of the liner. Nowadays, most of the chimneys have a metal flue liner that incorporates stainless steel. These are the perfect option for already existing chimneys that do not have a liner or need chimney relining. The cast in place is perfect for creating a new flue inside of a chimney that is in poor shape. It enables the reinforcement of existing chimney and provides a firm and effective line.

Now that you are aware of the benefits chimney liner, you might get baffled with their types and choosing the appropriate one. Don’t panic! There are several Chimney Lining services in London to solve your purpose. Hire a professional chimney lining service in London to be assured of your safety.

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